Peter Q&A

Q. What is Peterís full name?

Peter Ronald Wink

Q. When is Peterís birthday?

July 30

Q. What is Peterís marital status?

Married to wife Stephanie for five years.    

Q. What are the titles of Peterís current books? 

Negotiate Your Way to Riches & Striking it Rich at Garage Sales and Flea Markets

Q. Is Peter writing any more books?

Yes, heís actively working on two more.  

Q. Where does Peter live?

Schaumburg, IL  

Q. What are Peterís most unique characteristics?  

Hard worker, direct communicator, fearless leader, fierce competitor, stellar writer, deep thinker and quick decision maker!          

Q. What are Peterís goals?

- Own an ArmWrestling sports entertainment company
- Buy his first Corvette
- Become an even better husband
- Read 100 books in a year

Q. What are some of Peterís favorite personal accomplishments?

- Successfully completing five Chicago Marathons in a row  
- First skydiving trip 
- Graduating Western Illinois University on the National Dean's List
- First management promotion at United Parcel Service 
- Learning to skillfully shoot a .44 Magnum revolver 

Q. What are a few of Peterís favorite sayings? 

- ďHereís the bottom lineĒ
- "Cut to the chase"
- "Let's deal with reality"
- "This too shall come to pass"
- "You need to think for yourself"   
- ďLetís separate fact from fictionĒ
- ďCut the B.S.Ē
- ďWho are "they?"
- "Never sign your name on anything"
- "Drop dead!"
- "Believe little of what people say - let's see what they actually do."
- "Whatever it takes."            

Q. Who are Peterís heroes? 

Nobody!  Peter thinks having heroes is a useless exercise.   

Q. What are Peterís pet peeves? 

Dishonesty, disloyalty, stupidity, ignorance, complaining, gossipers, blame-gamers, victims, filth/dirt, office politicians, long PowerPoint presentations, idiotic communicators, most so-called managers, people who do not stand up for themselves and people w/frivolous lawsuits!                

Q. What are some of Peterís favorite books? 

- The Life and Legend of Jay Gould
- Magic of Thinking Big
- Think and Grow Rich
- Internet Riches
- Marketing Your Dreams
- Building Strong Brands     
- No Such thing as Overexposure
- Ted Turner: It Aint As Easy As It Looks
- Business the Rupert Murdoch Way
- Business the Richard Branson Way  
- Sports, Inc
- Kiss and Sell
- King of the Cowboys
- Mean Business
- Positioning
- The Most Evil Men and Women In History
- No B.S. Business Success

Weíll stop here, as thereís too many to list as Peter reads near a book a week.  

Q. What are Peterís hobbies?

Weightlifting, tennis, reading, writing, mentoring, video, blogging, guns, and shopping!  

Q. Who are a few of Peterís favorite business leaders?

- Vince McMahon, Chairman, World Wrestling Entertainment     
- Ted Turner, Entrepreneur  
- Don King, CEO, Don King Productions     
- Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group 
- Rupert Murdoch, Chairman, News Corporation
- Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple
- Dana White, Chairman, UFC
- Joseph Sugarman, Chairman, BluBlocker
- Robert Iger, CEO, Walt Disney Company

Q. What are some of Peterís favorite TV shows?

- American Idol
- The Office
- WWE Raw/Smackdown/ECW 
- Ultimate Fighting Championship 
- Conversations With Michael Eisner
- Big Idea w/Donny Deutsch
- PAC ArmWrestling
- Worldís Strongest Man
- The Apprentice
- Judge Judy
- NFL Football Games  
- Chicago White Sox Games 

Q. What are some of Peterís favorite movies?

- Breakfast Club
- Other Peopleís Money
- Wall Street
- Twister
- Rocky
- Flashdance
- Pumping Iron
- McMahon
- American Beauty
- Gia
- Star 80
- Scenes From the Goldmine
- Boiler Room
- Elizabethtown

Q. What are Peterís favorite music genres?   

Heavy metal and classic rock.   

Q. What music dominates Peterís iPod?    

- Bon Jovi
- Bruce Springsteen
- Rolling Stones
- Steve Vai
- Aerosmith
- Rod Stewart
- Van Halen
- George Thorogood
- Joe Satriani
- Yngwie Malmsteen
- Led Zeppelin
- Rush
- Doors 
- Elton John
- Motley Crue
- Poison
- Queen
- Styx
- U2
- Gwen Stefani

Q. What kind of computer does Peter recommend? 


Q. What kind of firearms does Peter recommend? 

- Smith & Wesson
- Ruger   

Q. Where does Peter get his news from? 

Peter is an avid follower of CNN and BBC news.   

Q. What magazines does Peter subscribe to?    

- MacWorld
- Fortune
- Muscle & Fitness
- Psychology Today 
- Motor Trend
- Entreprenuer
- Conde Nast Portfolio
- Sports Illustrated
- Maxim
- Travel + Leisure
- Time 

Q. What are two of Peterís favorite business successes?  

The first was the production, launch, release and distribution of the CD-ROM, ďHow to Become a Self-Made Millionaire by Brian Tracy".  Second, was strategizing the resurrection of the Jamba Juice brand in Chicago!     

Q. What are Peterís most grandiloquent business skills?

Marketing, showmanship, selling and communications

Q. What are some of Peterís recommendations to young people just out of school? 

Trust nobody and take risks/chances!  And most careful who you follow - chances are they have no clue where they're going.       

Q. What is the best car Peter ever owned?

1988 Ford Mustang LX 5.0.  

Q. What does Peter drive now?

2007 Monte Carlo   

Q. What is Peter Winkís web address?

Q. What is Peterís blog address?

Q. How do I contact Peter?

Peter can be e-mailed at